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VietJetAir thông báo tuyển Cơ Trưởng lương: 18.000 $

Documentary requirements: 1. Maximum age of 60 for Males and 55 for females 2. Valid ICAO CPL/ATPL with A320 Type Rating 3. IR valid (or previous SIM Skill Test) 4. Valid Class 1 Medical



On your interview schedule, please 

BRING 2-sets of the documents mentioned in the NEW PILOT CHECKLIST.


As per policy, we will only grant interview only to those with complete document requirements. 

(Pls. refer to the checklist enclosed)





Salary: Up to 18,000 USD (depending on hours and sectors)

Required Document:

 VJC-OQA-F-001 New Pilot Application Checklist_Iss01Rev01_24Dec2015

 VietJet Application Form

As Vietnam’s fastest growing airline, Vietjet is constantly expanding its fleet while also extending its flight network throughout Vietnam and across the region. Vietjet is a new - age airline which always offers you flexible choice toward air fare, baggage, hot meal and souvenir on a safe and amazing flight. Vietjet is now seeking experienced captains in order to facilitate its dynamic growth with:

- Attractive income and benefit
- Friendly, professional and fun working environment
- Unlimited training and promotion opportunities.
- Creative and challenging minds for improvement

Kind of contract: This is a flight crew leasing role for an initial 3-year contract. This is a renewable contract where Vietjet encourage pilots to stay longer and have yearly pay increments available to facilitate an enduring relationship.

Career progression: There is great opportunity for career progression within Vietjet. For Captains there are opportunities to become LTC / TRI / DPE

The standard roster: Vietjet understand the important of having a good work-life balance and offer a choice of commuting rosters:

3 weeks on, 1 week off  OR  6 weeks on, 2 weeks off  or subject to mutual agreement if requested

Accommodation: Accommodation at home base during the contract period is the responsibility of each pilot however Vietjet will provide 10 days’ accommodation on arrival to Vietnam for start of contract and accommodation will of course be provided at all layover stations.

Travel Benefits: Vietjet shall ensure that all pilots and their qualified family members shall have access to airline staff travel (SFC) right after signing date of service in accordance with staff travel policy.

Job Description

From our humble beginnings of having 1 aircraft, we have now expanded to 41 aircraft in a span of only 4 years. After signing contracts to acquire 120 aircraft from Airbus and 100 aircraft from Boeing, we forecast to grow to 50 by the end of 2017. Together with this growth is the growth of our VietJet Air family.

Job Requirement


Experience requirements:

1. Total flight time:  minimum 4,000hrs

2. A320 PIC hours: minimum 500hrs


Documentary requirements:

1.     Maximum age of 60 for Males and 55 for females

2.     Valid ICAO CPL/ATPL with A320 Type Rating

3.     IR valid (or previous SIM Skill Test)

4.     Valid Class 1 Medical

5.     The last five papers of your logbook

6.     Letter of Civil Aviation Authority of your country where issues your license

        (with Name and email address of CAA Licensing Officer)

7.     Recommendation Letter from previous Airlines

8.     CV (Resume)

9.     Application Form (

10.   Criminal Record within 6 months (with Vietnam embassy authentication)

11.    No history of Accident/Incident within 6 months

12.    Scan copy your passport with at least 1 year validity

13.     Proof of Last flight on A320 PIC within 12 months from the start of your employment with VJ

14.     06 hard copy of photos in uniform (white shirt, tie, stripe, white back ground, size 3x4 cm)

15.     ICAO English Level 4 or higher

16.     TRI/TRE certificate on A320 (if available)


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